Why Use O2 Grow's Dissolved Oxygen Irrigation System?

Level Up Your Growing System!

Get out of the Stone Age.

Bubbler Air Stone vs Emitter

What Makes O2 Grow Special?

The patented nano bubble technology behind O2 Grow allows you to maximize oxygen supplementation through a process known as electrolysis. O2 Grow works by taking advantage of the electrolysis cycle at a molecular level, separating the oxygen from hydrogen when electric current passes through an ion-containing solution or a liquid, such as water.

As an air stone alternative, O2 Grow helps increase your nutrient uptake by delivering 50% more dissolved oxygen than traditional air stones. In fact, O2 Grow’s products can increase oxygen saturation for indoor and outdoor growing methods such as: deep water culture, drain to waste or surface watering.

Nourish Roots with Less Energy

Water in closed reservoirs typically lacks the necessary oxygen to provide the roots enough nourishment to grow plants. Air stones and oxygen bubblers try to solve this problem but involve many moving parts, noisy operation and high wattage.
Alternatively, the O2 Grow  products use only a few watts of power per hour while safely delivering pure oxygen into the reservoir with electricity, which in an energy-efficient age is essential. This process is superior to using air stones since you get more oxygen with no motors and no moving parts that could potentially go awry.

In addition to being more energy-efficient, O2 Grow delivers more dissolved oxygen, increases your yields, activates beneficial microbes, and improves the uptake of critical nutrients to the root structure.

Why Should I Choose O2 Grow?

O2 Grow is dedicated to providing affordable oxygen alternatives to air stones or bubblers that save you energy, increase yields, and deliver more nutrients to your crop’s roots. with minimal maintenance and low energy consumption.

O2 Grow ‘s products, with Solid State Technology, will last thousands of hours. You can check out O2 Grow ‘s prices here or contact OGrow today to get started!

Test Results from Orchids Limited

Jerry Fischer owner of Orchids Limited, Plymouth MN , gives a detailed comparison of the benefits of using the O2 Grow system with “Super Oxygenated Water” vs regular traditional irrigation methods.