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O2Grow Dissolved Oxygen Tomato and Pepper Test Results


2013 Production

Cherry Tomato Test Results

Organic Tomato/Peppers

2007 Production

Bell Peppers Test Results

Organic Tomato/Peppers

2006 Production

Strawberry Production Test Results

Strawberry Production

University of Minnesota

Lavender Test Results

Container-Grown Lavender

University of Tennessee

Hanging Basket Flowers Test Results

Hanging Basket Flower

Faribault Growers

University of Wisconsin River Falls Crown Pea Oxygenation Test Results

Crown Pea

University of Wisconsin

Organic Strawberry

Wisconsin Growers

indoor farming vertical hydroponics

Vertical Hydroponics

Nappanee, Indiana

Industrial Hemp


News about O2Grow Orchids Limited Oxygenation Test Results

Orchids Limited


Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis

Rhode Island